photo by Andrianna Zavali

There is a jaggle of masonry here, on a small hill
Above the gray-mouthed Pacific, cottages and a thick-walled tower, all made of rough sea rock
And Portland cement. I imagine, fifty years from now,
A mist-gray figure moping about this place in mad moonlight, examining the mortar-joints, pawing the
Parasite ivy: “Does the place stand? How did it take that last earthquake?” Then someone comes
From the house-door, taking a poodle for his bedtime walk. The dog snarls and retreats; the man
Stands rigid, saying “Who are you? What are you doing here?” “Nothing to hurt you,” it answers, “I am just looking
At the walls that I built. I see that you have played hell
With the trees that I planted.” “There has to be room for people,” he answers. “My God,” he says, “That still!”

Ghost by Robinson Jeffers

Κινηματογραφικός Τομέας ΠΟΦΠΑ

photo by Andrianna Zavali poster design by Alex Papadopoulos & Andrianna Zavali

afisakinimatografikou az.jpg

Κινηματογραφικός Τομέας ΠΟΦΠΑ

Εγγραφές Κινηματογραφικού Τομέα ΠΟΦΠΑ 2016-17

Από τη Δευτέρα 26/9 έως την Παρασκευή 21/10, καθημερινές 12:00-15:00 & 17:00-20:00 στον ημιώροφο της Πανεπιστημιακής Λέσχης (Ιπποκράτους 15 & Ακαδημίας), θα μπορούν να γραφτούν τα νέα μέλη, όπως και να ανανεώσουν την εγγραφή τους τα παλαιότερα.

Numismatic Museum of Athens

Numismatic Museum of Athens photo by Andrianna Zavali